Retaining Walls

As a structure that holds back soil or rock embankments, a retaining wall has numerous residential, commercial and public applications, such as low-level walkways, gardens and highways.

Uneven ground can be hazardous to everyone around its vicinity, but our engineering staff are qualified to build retaining walls to combat this. They work strictly within local codes to ensure slope stabilization. Here at Bay Area Fence & Deck, we are proud to offer functional as well as decorative retaining walls in a wide variety of styles and forms. Specializing in custom design, our engineers have amassed a wealth of experience and flexibility in creating unique retaining walls for a diverse set of clients. As always, the fence posts and kickboards are of high quality pressure-treated Douglas Fir, always treated to 0.40 retention rate.
After surveying a various factors such as required wall height, ground conditions, and building codes, we will assist you in designing retaining wall that will appeal to your aesthetic tastes and budget.