Good Neighbor Fences

Fences serve not only as a safety and privacy precaution, but as a compliment to your property as well. Here, at Bay Area Fence & Deck, our team can work with you to achieve all desired aspects.

You will find that all lumber we use on our projects are exclusively Highest-Quality-Within-Grade guaranteed. All posts and kickboards of our fences are high quality Douglas Fir, pressure-treated to perfection. Our wood is treated with a 0.40 retention rate, distinguishable from other big-box stores which are often treated with only a 0.25 or 0.15 retention rate.

Our posts are crowned with concrete to avoid rotting at their bases. Likewise, at the point of contact between wood-to-house, we always use flashing to protect your home from termites. To ensure stability each and every post is set 2 to 3 feet deep in the ground and stabilized with concrete in contrast to other companies' use of cheap and weaker fence post mix.